Local Stories

Local Stories from around the world. Get to know each other – across borders, fear and ratio. Travel in your mind and soul.

Asia Talks

An evening of conversation, featuring Belgians of Asian descent. A first time event in Belgium, with future editions to follow, which is open to anyone to join.

Faces of Asia

A photographic journey through Southeast Asia and its people.
expo about Chinese New Year and the Chinese lion dance

A colorful exhibition and dynamic festival, offering the audience the opportunity to join several workshops and events.


get to know cultural traditions

Legendary stories about Chinese New Year, the Chinese lion dance, the Chinese lunar calendar, the Chinese zodiac, symbolic New Year’s dishes, Chinese opera, calligraphy and the Chinese tea ceremony.


immerse yourself in Chinese culture

Live events focusing on the modern Chinese society, traditional Chinese music and dance, up to date film screenings, a nocturnal experience on New Year’s Eve and a grand Chinese New Year Festival.


get active by joining creative workshops

Get to know the foundations of the Chinese tea ceremony, Chinese medicine, calligraphy, Tai Chi and the lion dance.

Guided tours

Visit Chinatown and the expo in a personal way

Let us guide you through Chinatown and the history of Chinese immigrants in the city. Discover the hidden Chinese temple, visit the Chinese bakery, the Kung Fu school, the acupuncture practice, the supermarket,…