Oracle of Amsterdam Conference

Project: Specially Unknown / Ongekend Bijzonder
Partners: Red Star Line Museum, Stichting BMP
Event: Oracle of Amsterdam Conference
Skills: Storytelling, diversity, fieldwork
Date: 28 June 2019
I n the context of Specially Unknown, a European Refugees’ Oral History project to which the Red Star Line Museum and its fieldworkers contributed, we were invited to the closing event in Amsterdam: Oracle of Amsterdam. Specially Unknown is a project about life stories of refugees and their cultural participation in European cities. The Oracle of Amsterdam presented the outcomes - examples, insights and ideas - of the Specially Unknown project, and facilitated brainstorming sessions about future scenarios regarding cultural participation of refugees in European cities.

Co-creation and inclusion

The Oracle of Amsterdam was an inspiring conference that brought all European partners and participants of the Specially Unknown project together, in order to co-create possible, probable and preferred future scenarios regarding three main themes, as well as to make concrete plans on how to include life stories of refugees in cultural heritage, production and policies in our European organizations and cities.

Organized by

The conference is organized by Stichting BMP and the Specially Unknown partners, with support of AMIF (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) of the European Commission, and hosted by the Municipality of Amsterdam.