Guiding Tours Chinatown

© Klaas De Scheirder - HLN
Partner: Legends of Liondance
Project: Legends of Liondance | Guiding tours Chinatown
Skills: Guiding tour host, storytelling, stories about Chinatown
Date: January – February 2020



A s a part of the Chinese New Year's experience, we guide visitors through the expo Legends of Liondance and through Chinatown Antwerp. The guided walk starts at Antwerp's main library Permeke, in the heart of Chinatown, followed by a stroll in Van Wesenbekestraat. This is the street where Asian merchants, restaurant owners, doctors settled since the 1970's.


We take you for a taste of Chinese pastry in the bakery, have a look in the Kung Fu school where the ancient lion dance is practiced, go for a discovery tour in the first and Belgian’s largest Asian supermarket, step into the acupuncturist’s office and wrap up in the hidden Buddhist temple. All while immersing you in stories about the origins of Chinatown and its people, Chinese traditions, beliefs and medicine.

Optionally, we organize a tasty lunch or dinner in the hood.