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A workshop for young people experiencing issues as being a minority in society, issues due to poverty, family history, migration, status quo… The way how one sees oneself, as a consequence of past experiences and struggles, impacts how others see one and how this can get in the way of believing in oneself and achieving personal goals in life. The workshop “Rewrite your story, like you didn’t have to” empowers people and let them overcome insecurities and fears, opening up the way to their internal power.

I want them to believe in themselves and trust their own capacities, regardless of what they’ve been through. A story full of difficulties, which you could see as a negative story, will be turned around into a positive powerful story.

Wendy Kegels Studio Shen
Wendy Kegels Studio Shen

What did one learn from one’s struggles? What did one gain thanks to one’s struggles that others don’t have? At the end of the workshop the participants will have written their own powerful manifest. Who are you and what do you stand for, despite the uneven path that led you here? They might even read or perform their manifest in front of the group.

Rewriting your story doesn’t change or erase it, but the way you look at it and convey it to others can be different. You can stand here with pride, proud of yourself, proud of your story, proud of your origin.

Ready to rewrite your story?

The workshop is coming soon.

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